House of 3 Season 2 Volume 4

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House of Three Season 2 Volume 4: Morgan Downie, Jonathan Bay & Iain Matheson were all winners in the first H03 Poetry Competition.

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Jonathan Bay is a trans writer, born and raised in Northern California. He spent a year living in the Amish country of Eastern Ohio, doing farm work, and then spent some time urban farming in Los Angeles before crossing America by bicycle and then traversing the pond. Scotland is his temporary home as he finishes up a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Edinburgh. He has been published in journals and anthologies in the UK. He is an adventurer and quiet activist. "Pepos and False Berries" was first published in Gutter 12 and "Purple for Goodbyes" won the Jupiter Artland Inspired to Write competition and is published on their website. Morgan Downie is a poet and short story writer. His published work includes stone and sea, a collection about island life mainly centred on the Western Isles, and distances, a Romanian- English photo-poetry collection. When not writing he is actively involved in visual and sound art. He lives on the mainland by necessity rather than choice. Iain was born in Plean and grew up in Glasgow. He studied music at Glasgow University. Iain now lives in Edinburgh, where he works as a piano teacher and composer; he also teaches in the music department of the university's Centre for Open Learning. Iain's poems have appeared in Gutter magazine and the recent “Umbrellas of Edinburgh” anthology, as well as online in Amsterdam Quarterly; and have been placed in various competitions.